Brian Tracy Review – 21 Ways to Become an Outstanding Manager

Brian Tracy Review

Product: 21 Great Ways to Become an Outstanding Manager

Vendor: Brian Tracy International

Price: $22.99 + shipping (Audio CD)
$21.95 (MP3 Download)

Recommendation (Yes/No): Yes!

Brief Description:

Brian Tracy’s “21 Ways to Become an Outstanding Manager”  60-minute tutorial will empower you with actionable techniques to help you improve your leadership skills and create a team environment for success.

Who Is This Product For?

The time-constrained manager who may not make the time to consistently read for growth and improvement but may have enough spare time for a audio lesson that can be broken across several days or listened to throughout the week.

Use the valuable downtime during your commute, your lunch break, or even while you’re getting ready for work, to push yourself to become a more capable manager.

Final Review:

Auditory learning is a valuable and effective format for continuing to self improve and to grow as a Manager, and this product in particular is a worthwhile tool.


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