Growing as a Manager (Part 3) – Becoming a Visionary

Becoming a visionary manager who focuses on long-term outcomes, outputs and value creation, and not simply product creation to serve an immediate need, can be a challenging endeavor because it adds one more layer of complexity onto an already difficult job.

Corporations are guided by organizational goals, which may include profit or growth objectives, or increasing market share in a particular segment of the company.  Managers need to successfully meet the core focus of their Projects, which include budget, schedule and scope-related targets, and also to align their Project’s success with the strategic direction of the organization.

This required me to shift my line of thinking from: “what product or service am I delivering, to what business value does the new product deliver?”

From Project Manager to Program Manager


This shift also accompanied my career shift from Project Management to Program Management, which included a broadening of thinking that is:

1. Long-Term
– in contrast to working on a specific and finite project, I am focusing now on a collection of related projects which are all orgainized to grow the market segment growth, increase profit and reach other strategic goals

2. Aligned with the company’s fiscal calendar and associated targets
– budgeting and financial management is a more complex element of the project since it impacts whether my organization can meet its broader strategic plans

3. Inclusive of senior management’s direction and perspectives 
– senior leadership demonstrates their investment by seeking to understand how I, as the Program Manager, am showing my understanding of the overall corporate strategy and implementing their targets within my projects’ goals


Have you become a visionary for your company? Please share your experiences below!

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